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CFPB Audit – Failed & Fined or Prevented?

How are you going to show not only that you have set up compliance policies consistent with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) regulatory requirement, but more importantly ALSO SHOW and PROVE that those policies so carefully crafted by your legal and compliance departments have been followed and not violated? And if your policies have been violated, how do you know what occurred, by whom, which organization, when and what corrective actions have been taken. And if you can’t, your organization is facing substantial fines and will become a public poster child for intensifying scrutiny from the increasingly powerful CFPB.

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SureView™ — Banking and Financial Institution Mitigation and Investigation of Insider Threats

Insiders with intimate knowledge of an enterprise’s business practices, systems and applications are increasingly posing the greatest security risk and potential to do harm. These trusted insiders can inflict far more damage than external threats because they have full access to systems and minimal, if any, security restrictions to overcome. The truth is, the most serious attacks come from within and they are the least likely to be detected.

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Net Diligence: 2015 Cyber Claims Study

The fifth annual NetDiligence® Cyber Claims Study uses actual cyber liability insurance reported claims to illuminate the real costs of incidents from an insurer’s perspective. Our goal is to raise awareness about cyber risk within the risk manager community.

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Mimecast_COVERMimecast: Recognizing Five Sources of High-Profile Data Security Breaches

This first in a series of white papers will discuss the fact that data security is increasingly becoming a bigger problem for organizations of every industry and geography. Security breaches have quickly escalated into a major source of reputational damage, business interruption, erosion of customer confidence and economic loss.

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Cyber Dwell Time and Lateral Movement

The launch of email, the expansion of networking and data sharing, along with the introduction of the domain name system has created technological, innovative opportunities for individuals, businesses, and governments worldwide. However, these opportunities also presented themselves to threat actors – criminals hoping to take advantage of this newfound openness by exploiting protocols, applications, and operating systems.

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Re-Think Your Cybersecurity PoliciesRe-Think Your Cybersecurity Policies

Today, businesses move massive amounts of data. Well defined security protocols are critical to protect the privacy and reputation of the individuals involved who access intellectual property. Plan, design and implement security plans that maximize workflow while protecting intellectual property and personal privacy.

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webroot_threatbrief_SMWebroot 2015 Threat Brief

During 2014, Webroot encountered tens of millions of instances of malware and potentially unwanted applications (PUAs), monitored billions of IP addresses and URLs, analyzed millions of new and updated mobile apps for malicious behavior, and studied major malware trends based on data from millions of endpoints. This report contains insights, analysis, and information on how collective threat intelligence can protect organizations from sophisticated attacks.

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